Dried Dates

Apr 17th, 2012

Dried Dates Used in Cooking to Enhance Taste, Flavor, and Nutritive Value

Dried fruits of any kind is the most healthiest and nutritious snack. Nowadays, dried fruit products are produced in almost all regions of the world. People all over the globe irrespective of cultures, nationalities, gender, etc consume their favorite fruit which has the taste and flavor preserved in its dried form. There are various procedures [...]

Healing herbs and vegetables

Jun 28th, 2013

Top foods to combat your stress

It is very important to manage your stress levels to keep yourself happy and productive. Too much anxiety and pressure can spoil your daily activities. A natural therapy for stress without medications is to have the right foods that can calm you down. Foods can beat the stress in different ways. The food therapy for [...]

Palestinian cooking

May 28th, 2013

Rice Meals Palestinian Way

Rice is the primary component in ceremonial recipes, and a very essential element of Palestinian rice meals. Rice recipes are usually the primary dish of Palestinian meals, because they involve a variety of ingredients found within the Palestine. Here, rice is not served plain or as a part dish, but rather integrated in larger dishes, [...]

coconut cake

Apr 15th, 2013

Palestinian cuisine

Something of a mystery to westerners, Palestinian cuisine boasts rich impressions from around the world. Influences come from the caliphates of the seventh and eighth centuries, the Ottoman Turks and the modern diaspora of Palestinians who have traveled the globe. Galilee, the West Bank and Gaza boast their own specialties and many staple meals from these lands [...]

Palestinian Food Tour

Apr 8th, 2013

Palestinian Food Tour

Watch this Palestinian food tour video.


Apr 17th, 2012

Palestinians’ access to food and nutrition

WFP News Release 04 March 2010 (source: http://www.wfppal.org/news.aspx) WFP LAUNCHES FOOD SECURITY ATLAS OF OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY RAMALLAH – The United Nations World Food Programme has released a socio-economic and food security atlas of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) which maps out Palestinians’ access to food and nutrition. Palestinian National Authority Minister of Agriculture H.E. Dr. [...]

Oregano, Lavender, and Saffron

Apr 17th, 2012

Oregano, Lavender, and Saffron

I totally love to cook, I simply enjoy experimenting on using various ingredients and exploring different dishes, and just recently I’ve tried Palestinian food and totally loved it! Just thought I would share that experience with you and so I decided to make this post. What I love about Palestinian food is the fact that [...]


Apr 17th, 2012

Almonds in Palestine Cuisine

Almonds are simply my favorite kind of nut, because of its versatility and flavor. I also find it amazing how you can incorporate this nut as an ingredient to any dish that you prefer, in fact, almonds are widely used for cooking all around the word, including Palestinian cuisine. Best served when roasted, its golden [...]

Farm Fresh Cucumbers

Apr 17th, 2012

Farm Fresh Cucumbers

Benefits of cucumbers often used in Palestine Cuisine Palestine are known for their great cuisine which in away is similar to those of their neighbors Syria and Lebanon. Even with Palestine itself the cuisines in Gaza, West bank and Galilee vary in contents. However cucumbers are often used in Palestine cuisine as an ingredients. Slicing, [...]

Palestinian Food Magadra Yogurt and Salad

Apr 17th, 2012

Palestinian Food: Full Of Nutritive Value

Serving Palestinian food is a bit of the same with other countries like Lebanon and Syria. They share common but popular dishes, in which you would really love to eat. Palestinian cuisine offered a very tasty food with the highest nutritive value. For them, dried fruits are considered the most nutritious snack. They have prepared [...]

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